Saturday, April 13, 2013

You are her

The prompt today at is Monsters.
I didn't write this for the prompt but in reading it, if someone I knew was being treated this way, the person doing it in my opinion would be a monster.
Sometimes the monster is us....


You know who she is

yet constantly forget her name.

You’ve seen her from the inside

but forget the shape of her face.

You know she dreams with a tender heart

yet you chastise her when she cries.

You know that she is afraid of the dark

yet you walk around turning out lights.

You know she has a song to sing

but you hate the sound of her voice.

You know she is trying to find herself

yet you never let her feel at home.

You truly believe she is beautiful

yet continue to hide her away.

You know that she cries alone at night

and you continue closing doors.

You know that her heart has been broken

yet you tell her she has to be strong.

You know that she just wants someone to hold her

but you insure she is always alone.

You saw her look in the mirror, unsure

so you simply took it away.

You put pictures up on all of the walls

and gave her illusions instead.

You know she is lost and fighting right now

yet you selfishly keep her numb.

You saw her on her path to strength

and you turned the roadside sign.

You know she dreams of falling in love

but you tell her that she is a fool.

You know she just wants someone to hear her

yet you only allow whispered words.

You know that when scared she runs far and fast

so you trained her for the race.

You know she just wanted you to help her heal

but you looked the other way.

You know her, YOU KNOW HER! So why?

Do you treat her like a stranger?

You know her, YOU ARE HER! So why?

Do you do these things to yourself?





  1. mmm...yeah, i know a few....and they eat themselves up with it too...its so easy to do...hard to label them a monster when they have been taught it...we are not born hating ourselves you know...

  2. I am sorry, but I can't pick out the first part of your poem from the background ~ I like what I can read though ...

  3. Self-loathing is a monster. This fits nicely with the prompt.

  4. That's a good question. We are hardest on ourselves.

  5. A twist on the ending ~ We are too hard on ourselves, too unforgiving that in the end, we destroy ourselves ~ Good one ~

  6. Very good take on the terrible we are to ourselves, and boy that can be one big monster to conquer.

  7. This was a fine write and a brave one. (I like REAL.) Sometimes the monster is us...or within us. My poem had that theme too. Sad sometimes when a person doesn't treat themselves as kindly as they would treat another, isn't it? The ending definitely took my breath away!

  8. This rang a bell with me...the monster within us all ;) Great style here.

  9. This is painfully true~many of us are hardest on ourselves. I like how you saved the theme for the end. The build up made it very powerful!

  10. Yes, there are many kinds of monsters, and it is all too true that too often we are our own worst critic. Excellent take on the prompt and a very nice write!

  11. This really is all of us. Great job on this prompt.