Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the thing is...

we stood face to face

on a crowded busy street

I could see nothing but his eyes

staring straight into me

he looked at me

 like he could see through me

like my skin was cellophane

 stretched over bone

he leaned his head against mine

and he listened

as if he could hear

the blood course through my veins

as if time had stopped

for everything but this moment

as if all the world

had gone silent just for him

he held me at arm’s length

with his head turned sideways

like a child who doesn’t understand

what you just said

he put his hands

on both sides of my face

and drew me once again

back into him

I couldn’t understand

his strange reaction

the look of pain

that stretched across his face

his insistent stare

his tender touch upon me

the way he was turning pages

to get to the heart of me

I pulled away from him

and took a step

with one hand on my shoulder

he simply asked,

‘why would you laugh

when you ask me a question like that?’

the thing is,

I don’t remember what I asked. 



  1. wow...an intense moment with his presence making you all forget the question you really had...love the closeness

  2. Mesmerizing... just like him. I can see why you forgot the question.

  3. turning pages to get to the heart of me...smiles...def an intense meeting between you...hearing the rush of blood...wow...

  4. For some reason this poem really chills me. The moment seems very uncomfortable.....

  5. I feel both drawn in and pushed away...which will it be? I prefer the romantic kind of ending ;)

  6. Strong emotions here--good or bad? I would guess that's up to the individual reader. Nice.

  7. this made me smile...i like the illustration that the same comment can mean two totally different things to the people participating in the conversation.

  8. great use of words to draw the reader into the moment! I could see you in that moment. The end gave me a chuckle, but I could feel you through it all. Good stuff!

  9. Nothing is good if there is no control !!

  10. A great piece ! Love the intensity of it.