Thursday, June 11, 2015

through this day

reaching deep into this quiet

as the day around me screams

listening hard for the sound of you

the breath, the beating heart

feeling distance stretching

long and much too far

the need, the want, the ache

overwhelming me

I know that you are with me

connected through woven webs

yet today I feel trapped

dangling by a thread

I can hear your voice inside me

that musical sing song sound

curling up the side of my neck

calming unsettled nerves

I can feel your touch in my memory

the hard and soft of you

you have carved your name upon me

your absence today I feel

my hands are empty and fumbling

my footsteps waver and quake

unsteady and unbalanced

I am not myself today

close my eyes, deeply breathe

find my way back into you

my body moves with grace and ease

as we become one again