Monday, January 25, 2016


this Sex,

played out on chequered squares

each knowing their roles

the King,

directing the movement

of every playing piece

the Knight,

one step up and two to the side

dancing in the shape of an L

leaping over the others

and removing them from the game

the Bishop,

flanking the King and Queen

keeping them safe from harm

able to move in any direction

as long as nothing obstructs their path

the Rook(ie),

stands at the Knight’s side

and moves with the rank and file

the only possible obstruction

encountering one of their own

the Pawns,

there have been so many

moving one ‘en passant’

while moving the length of the board

they can become someone else

the Queen,

the most powerful player

no limit to the steps she takes

her absence does not stop the game

but without her, your advantage fails

this Game,

so what is the purpose?

to remove the opposing King

to move each and all in tandem

your strategy prevails

yet what

if the lines on the board erased

and you saw yourself as the other King

would you want your army so predictably

trying to keep you safe~