Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Drunk On Me

gasping breath and exhale

she moans with wanton lust

pulling me aurally

with her along this trail

her voice is like a finger

stretched and curling, calling me

reaching deep inside

as my own fingers trace the path

who is it, deep within you?

tell me who you feel

only you...only you

and then she lets go

both of us deeply rapt

and writhing together as one

as the waves crash upon us

and leave us dripping wet

the moan, the gasp, the squeal, the sigh

over and over again

then slowly panting breath

slows its heaving pace

soft words exchanged

lips tangled as one

smiles and silly words

as heads continue to spin

her speech begins to slur

syllables hard to discern

in the wake of consuming me

she sounds as if she’s drunk

tossing back another

her lips becoming numb

her voice takes on a velvet tone

and she wraps me in her words

soft and warm and floating

her tongue now tickling me

with a dizzying lilt and inflection

she is drunk on me



~for my muse~