Tuesday, August 11, 2015


In the end…
Is faith your divining rod
when faith is only relative to experience
Is belief your faith
and by what gauge do you measure its size
Is trust your peace
or have you been broken beyond repair
Is peace a thing
that can ever be achieved
You only consume some portion
of what they tell you
And you only digest 
a smaller portion of that
Nothing truly fills 
or feeds you
And the search for more
becomes that divining rod
Starving you are
yet this is all they surrender
Regurgitated facts
numbers on a page
Pushing the plate back
across the empty table
Rising from your chair 
and walking away
The bitter taste 
lingers on your tongue
While the aching hunger inside
continues to burn
Driving you on 
in search of decadent bliss
Sweet and savory
perhaps even sustenance
Sitting down to the bounty 
of a gourmet table
Licking your lips
as your mouth comes to life
Aching to taste 
the pleasures at the tips of your fingers
Something tangible 
not faith
not belief
you are alive~

~ for my muse ~