Friday, March 21, 2014

Surviving Moments

the attack

internal and self-induced

blame placed

directed harmful intent

inward eye

staring hard into corners

vision blurred

the target just too close

distorted ears

the hum now a chainsaw

shaking voice

as the tremors begin again

words choke

the flow of air in the throat

pulse quick

a heart beating far too fast

cycle started

the brain is caught in motion

spinning wildly

balance intangible now

single minded

this is how it begins

sole purpose

to simply make it end




breathe slowly

into and out of the lungs

listen hard

beyond the only thing you can hear

look deep

sit with the mirror in hand

don’t run

even though you can’t sit still

pivotal moments

tick with the pace of forever

choices made

will result in the tone of your life

inhale long

slow breaths all the way down

exhale all

of the pain you are clinging to

let go

whatever it is, it shall pass

lie down

and let the calm fall upon you