Monday, April 8, 2013

Scribbling Chaos

Speak slowly and softly

don’t make any sudden moves.

You’re bound to startle

everyone in the room.

Choose your words with caution

choose your tone with care.

You don’t do this the way

that everybody else does.

You speak words almost backwards

the way some would take them in.

As if you were eating them

and tasting them pass through your lips.

You savor them slowly and gently

recognizing each for what it is.

You do not spew them hastily

so they end up there on the floor.

It takes you time to prepare them

in the order they should be heard.

With attention to detail

you lay them out in neat little rows.

This is not for you

but for your audience.

It never sounds to them

the way it does to you.

When you speak words with haste

it looks like paint spilled on the floor.

Covering everything

in a color that shouldn’t be there.

When you fail to take your time

the lines are simply scribbles on a page.

Chaos ensues and no one knows

exactly what they see.


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