Monday, April 29, 2013


maybe there is somewhere out there

where it is safe to take down the wall

somewhere where the sun feels warm

instead of like a spotlight

maybe there are moments in time

that will forever stand still

that will give me time to put words in place

and actually speak them out loud

maybe there are secrets

that will one day be safe to tell

where there will be no fear and no shame

just a warm comfort and peace

maybe I could believe

in the face that I see in the glass

and never falter and never waiver

but stand with grace and ease

maybe there is a place

where the song will burst from within

where my soul will shine like a beacon

and light my darkest night

maybe there is a love out there

sshhh, don’t say it too loud

don’t let anyone hear those words

the hope is still so small

maybe there is someone

who is waiting to hear my words

to listen and understand them

and then share theirs with me

maybe there is a dream

that I can still fall into

as sleep wraps herself around me

and takes me off into the night

maybe I haven’t forgotten

how things like this should feel

and how to respond when it happens

and not end up looking a fool

maybe this and maybe that

and maybe all of this

is just the illusion that takes me through

another lonely day.


  1. are they all the illusions that carry us day to day? i hope not...i hope life has more meaning than that but there are a whole lot of maybes there...smiles

  2. This is beautiful...
    Your words so moving...