Thursday, April 11, 2013


Walking on a line between two worlds

two faces, two names, two hearts.

Trying to discern the meaning of being

 pulled by both at exactly the same time.

Equally drawn with a stunning depth of passion

each one fills a void the other can’t.

One is newly discovered, one very familiar

although its presence has been lacking for some time.

Practical by nature I am drawn into this realm

where successes can be measured by degrees.

Where tangible and evident are requisite characteristics

where solid, steady and real become my name.

But a dreamer still lives within this heart

though worn and weary it still carries a ray of hope.

Through guarded spirit, careful soul and jaded thoughts

it is seeing things differently for the first time.

The dreamer that is coming back to life

is reminiscent of the newborn soul.

It is timid and thoughtful and slightly overwhelmed

at the feelings that are suddenly wide awake.

So where in the world do practical and tangible

sit side by side with a dreamer’s wild heart?

Where do form and function become untethered, unrestrained

and can they ever peacefully coexist?

If I steadily feed the mind

do I deny the starving heart?

If the heart feasts

will the mind just wither away?

I’ve yet to come to a place

where the two shall live as one.

Joining the parts of a whole

in something that transcends.


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