Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Listen, on 3

I’ve been listening more than talking of late

a different role to play.

Make no mistake though, don’t get me wrong

there will always be lines on this page.

But this is a time for learning

about the scope and breadth of things.

The difference between internal

and external forms of turmoil.

I consider it somewhat self-imposed

the battle I currently wage.

The war is deep within me

and it is mine to fight alone.

The angels keep flying, the poets keep speaking

leaving clues for me in their wake.

I am more interested in collecting those things

and stealing away with them.

To the quiet places in my heart

where I build things that were destroyed.

To the silent places in my soul

where I can whisper before I speak.

The clues are endless, inspiration abounds,

when you are not begging to be heard.

Like a trail of bread crumbs left behind

the hungry will find you.

It’s different for me to be silent

and not the one starving to death.

Not needing someone to validate

the choices that I’ve made.

Maybe I am finding myself

in these footsteps on this road.

Or maybe I missed the turn

that told me which way to go ;)

Either way I’m listening now

and more and more words abound.

For me to hear, for me to write

for me to step out from behind.


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