Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Seed To A Tree

It’s apples and oranges, really

trying to discern.

The clues gleaned

from the words that were said.

Or maybe ‘it’s just an illusion,

like a shadow in the night’.

One that’s taken hold

and lives under your skin.

It’s castles made of sand

consumed by the waves.

That once again

become part of the sea.

It’s whispers in the silence

it’s words made of dust.

One simple gesture

wipes them all away.

It’s all about moments and savoring

the taste that they leave upon your lips.

It’s about living them, breathing them, giving them life

before all of those little ones slip away.

To nourish and feed

an assuredly dying soul.

To bring a broken spirit

back to life.

To throw caution to the wind

in attempts to join the living.

For the chance to shine

it is worth the inevitable risk.

Maybe in the end it was all for naught

the risk, the dance, the leaping into the air.

Maybe the landing on the earth will be too hard a fall

maybe I’ll just plant an apple tree instead.


  1. Profound, some great images here, and I really like the title.

  2. i think it's always worth the the part with the apple tree as well though, reminded me of martin luther who said that if he knew that tomorrow the world would be no more, he would plant an apple tree today...

  3. What a perfect ending. Planting the apple tree seems to have something of an enduring quality about it. I say plant the tree then dance beneath it. Life is a blend of risk and stability. BTW, related to your comment on my poem, I love the idea of a tree of life tattoo! But I guess not many of us going-on-70 people do the tattoo thing. They wrinkle. :0)

  4. Planting an apple tree is always a good idea. Nice poem.