Monday, April 8, 2013

In The Name of God, I Judge You

This was written after I read a letter that a friend's mother wrote to her after she came out to her family. It was so sickly veiled in religious hypocrisy that my only response had to be sarcasm at the same level.

Stand before me prostrate

arms extended

and beg

Beg that I will understand

Beg me now for mercy

Beg that I will see

You have laid before me

a multitude of sins

Ugly twisted representations

of something you want to call love

You have shown me how you have been



and mindlessly lead down the road

where the devil has laid her trap

You have shown me weakness

and the careless degradation

of all that I call holy

You have given me no choice

but to become the Christian martyr

and I must call forth

the hypocrisy that I hold so dear

I will throw ugly words upon you

in the hopes that they break the skin

I will use slanderous language

to bruise you

at the depths of your soul

I will strike from within

wrapping my dagger with declarations of love

to conceal the breadth of my attack       

I will deny you

disown you

and try to destroy you

for telling me who you are

I will stand in judgment of you

because I can speak

 for God 


  1. ugh..i have lived this...i have a letter that i have kept where someone that i cared for used god as a sword to beat the crap out of me....the only reason i keep it is a reminder i dont ever want to be like that...

  2. I can empathize with your sentiments and though I don't know the whole details and facts, my personal belief is that judgement is not ours to give and serve ~ I leave that with the Ultimate Giver and Taker of Life ~

    Have a good evening ~


  3. Powerful and heartfelt writing about something that has clearly affected youvery strongly. Like Grace, I try to leave judging to someone whose judgements are reliable, rather than based on prejudice, or simply from loudly denouncing a sin that I don't commit, so as to cover my own shortcomings with noise.