Monday, April 15, 2013

Where courage takes hold

I wake up covered from head to toe

sweat pouring from my skin.

Shivering, shaking, freezing

I feel it in my bones.

I am tangled up in damp sheets

and the air in the room smells of salt.

I am sticky and I can’t wait to get out of this bed

but I am literally frozen through.

I get up and cast off my clothes

for something warm and dry.

Then climb back in to bed  

to try this all again.

This is what change feels like

this is what it takes.

Hard work, blood, sweat and tears

until metamorphosis occurs.

This is where courage takes hold

and digs it heels in the dirt.

When the push comes to shove

this will be the balance that I need.

I am fighting here for a victory

in a very silent war.

There are no guns blazing, no bombs exploding

just evil to be destroyed.

There is freedom to be discovered

in a world where I am unbound.

Chained to nothing, free to fly

and soar above the clouds.

A place where I am stronger

a place where I am true.

Where I am everything I ever wanted

anyone else to be.

Curled up again, I am safe and warm

and I start my lullaby.

I sing softly and quietly to myself

that this will only take time.




  1. You couldn't write this unless you had gone through real pain to some degree. A courageous write containing good advice as well. Not easy to read and impossible to stay neutral.

  2. As a woman, age 53, this speaks to me on biological, emotional and literal levels. Excellent metaphor. I'd like to see this piece in a collection for and about women.

  3. wow, thank you both, it was a tough morning. Kim, that would be amazing!