Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chasing The Rattle

The sun was high overhead that day
         illuminating the path that I was on.
            There with the intent of travelling distance
                running miles across this desert before I slept.
                    With precision I mapped the route
                        and timed the pace that I would keep.
                            My internal clock so well trained
                               that I don’t wear a watch.
                                   I tied my shoes and stretched
                                      and then I set out on my way.
                                           Eyes straight ahead, breathing paced
                                        rhythm set by the pounding of my feet.
                            After several hours my mind began to wander
                       I needed a distraction from the trail.
                        A sudden flicking sound caught my attention
                   a sound whose intent is to inspire fear.
              With boredom as the impetus I began to chase the sound
                      and without knowing it veered off of my path.
                             With the same pace and focused determination
                                  I followed that rattle, a hypnotizing sound
        As I quickened my step the sound reached a frenzied height
           my breath burned as it raced through my chest.
           The moment our eyes met was the moment I felt the sting
                      and then I didn’t feel anything at all.
photo credit: Wikipedia
An anecdote is a short and amusing or interesting account,
 which may depict a real incident or person. (courtesy of Wikipedia) are discussing anecdotes today...


  1. Andrea, you make me shiver. I've had them slithering under my chair out in the garden. And we were invited to a rattler poison-milking session once. I tell you, I stayed home. The pictures were bad enough. Hope this wasn't you.

  2. yikes. now that is a scary anecdote...
    snake bites are no joke, they will mess you up
    the dark side of curiousity here...leaving the path to check it out and getting bit for it...

  3. ah that is a cool metaphor for leaving the path in search for adventure and distraction and then the a high cost sometimes

  4. Wow, a close with a rattler bite. Sigh. These are good anecdotes I'm reading. Mine stank ;)

  5. they give you warning with their rattle, but are also so quick to attack should they feel the need...wonder how long it takes to recover...usually we find more exciting things by veering off a path ;)

  6. OOh, this is frightening. I hope this anecdote was not based on fact. I just can't imagine what the sting of a rattler would feel like! Yikes.

  7. I live in a snake free country, and find it hard to imagine the danger of having these around.

  8. ...shivers... ah, i wouldn't risk my one life for such a terrible end... this is oh so good & you just did an interesting climax in the end... really affecting & effective... great write... thanks...smiles...

  9. Excellent build up to a perfect climax. Well done!

  10. Yikes - that would be my worst nightmare. I don't mind snakes, but I squeal like a baby whenever I catch sight of one. Enjoyed this so much...the pacing was fabulous.

  11. This reminds me of the film about chasing tornadoes. In the UK we think people who do that kind of thing are just nuts. I think I can put chasing rattlers in the scrub alongside that one ;-)

    Amazing story though.

  12. Really? I am terrified of snakes, I have to admit, unless they are safely behind windows at a vivarium. But yes, this story has great metaphorical potential...

  13. Yikes! Loved the pace and tension in this, Andrea!