Sunday, April 7, 2013

Intimate Morning

I covet the morning eagerly
and quietly we dance alone.
Like a lover I explore her
getting lost in the bend of her curves.
    Mystified and mesmerized
    by the magic that she unveils.
    She whispers secrets to me
    she gives me the gift of words.
With the tools I need to make record
of the stories brought to life,
Morning and I share our coffee
over the lines on this tattered page.
    We feel warmth as the sun rises upon us
    greeting this brand new day.
    And feel life filling us slowly
    as the sun takes her place in the sky.
The morning is mine, and I’ve yet to find
someone with whom I can share her.
Outside sounds are interruptions
that cause her to run away.
    She is startled easily and so I take her
    gently into me.
    Holding her close and keeping her safe
    as she quietly sings her songs.
She is something I love more than anything
a guilty pleasure to be sure.
But I dare not take her for granted
or she will leave me in the dark.

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