Thursday, April 11, 2013

Opposite Sides of The Glass

The mystery of the looking glass

and how we see ourselves.

The reflection is something altogether different

a mirror next to a photo is never the same.

It’s something akin to hearing your voice

as it makes its way through your bones.

And then hearing it as it reaches your ear

on the waves of breath and air.

In looking at you I’ve begun to see myself

in the clarity that only comes from the outside.

It’s different when I sit alone at the mirror

the image still somehow comes from within.

In listening to you I’ve begun to hear my voice

as if I was sitting here next to myself.

It’s different than listening quietly as I speak

it’s actually hearing the things I never say.

There is something about reflections

the meaning is two-fold.

It is looking outward

in an effort to see within.

It is also looking inward

in an effort to see out.

Perspective ever changing

on each side of the glass.    

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