Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Journey To Alone


dVerse~ poets Pub

So, the prompt today is to write a poem
arising out of the notion of a trip—
This poem was inspired by the movie Into The Wild.
The story of Christopher McCandless' travels to Alaska on a personal journey.
The last line was a quote taken from his journal and really the culmination of his "trip". If you've seen the movie, the scene where he writes this in his book
is nothing short of life changing. It's an amazing story.
When the adventure began it was simple
a solo flight into finding the self.
A trip into the wild, the desert, life
destination truly unknown.
It began upon a road less travelled
the easy way was not how this would go.
There were mysteries great and small
 and an endless array of wonder to behold.
This journey was about postcards
along the way.
It was pictures that would end up
in the pages of books.
It was about journals and thoughts
and slowly coming to terms.
It was about rediscovering
or maybe just discovering.
At stops along the way
connections were made.
Once formed, testing the
limits of the resolve.
Pushing ever forward
in the quest unto the self.
Nothing could ease the pull
of moving on.
The point was to be free from restraint
  to be apart of everyone and everything.
But in the end the lesson came down to just one thing
“Happiness only real when shared.”


  1. So interesting. I haven't seen the movie, but my husband was very impressed with both book and movie and I know the story. There certainly is that element of traveling of both wanting the stretch of being alone and then really missing the sharing of it all. Thanks much for participating with this interesting piece. k.

  2. shared happiness doubles it for sure.. on the other hand, a friend of mine made a round the world trip...alone - and she said she thinks she would've never met so many people if she were traveling with a companion cause when you're alone, you always yearn to connect to people you meet on the way.. think i have to check out the movie..sounds awesome

  3. oh great movie...and a wonderful soundtrack as well...i just listened to it again this last week...i read the book well before the movie came out...what a sad story you know...and so true on happiness and being shared...

  4. Don't know either the movie or the book, but you are presenting it as a universal human condition. The discrepancy between wanting to be away from people and with them: can't live with them, can't live without them. On a lighter note: does watching this movie, it being set in Alaska, make you feel cold? It it does, I will wait until I finally get warm, after seven months of shivering in our endless winter.

  5. Haven't seen the movie but a great poem nonetheless, and so true.

  6. a most philosophical piece - well done

  7. pretty sure I saw this..and it's refreshing, not at all what you think it will be like ;) Great pre'amble to the book/movie!

  8. I loved this movie and soundtrack and wrote a poem about it last year. Certainly inspiring and leaves a lasting impression.Well done.

  9. (have not seen the movie, but love the sound track)I really love this line in the above quote..

    " Pushing ever forward
    in the quest unto the self.
    Nothing could ease the pull
    of moving on."

    It is so revealing of the human need of companionship

  10. Beautiful and so very very true, Andrea.