Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Strobe light/Spot light

A pulse, a throb, a steady twist

from dark to light.

Has changed the feel of motion

in the room.

It felt like spinning, whirling,

it felt like time stood still.

Trying to catch each image

before the light went out again.

Seeing, blind, seeing, blind, seeing

stringing images together on a thread.

No time to stop, no time to think, no time

absorbing it all with every pulsing beat.

Forward or backward, no way to truly tell

the motion simply confuses time and space.

Perspective and perception constantly changing

in the dark and the light and back into the dark.

Confusion at its peak, senses firing

tingling, spinning, whirling once again.

The frenzy, like an explosion and suddenly time stops

a sudden flash and shadows disappear.

Almost blinding everything is exposed

standing in the harsh, stark, cold.

The rhythm gone, the pulse now quiet

fluid movement has suddenly, violently ceased.

Eyes cannot refract this sudden glare

that shines directly into, upon, and around.

There is no subtle nuance left in the room

nothing soft, nothing warm, nothing there.



  1. the spinning, I feel the suck, the pull into nothing, well writ

  2. Lots of movement and sensations...like how you softened, slowed it down in the closing.