Wednesday, April 3, 2013

From The Outside

This is a very old piece, 08/2004, to be exact. I found it very fitting for today's prompt though.

Verse First ~ Body
for Poets United
She lies innocently beside me as the shining rays of the sun
cover her body in a golden brown glow.
Thoughts and words are moving between us,
connecting us at the soul yet I can’t help but be distracted…
The soft lines and gentle feminine curves of her naked skin
are demanding the attention of my eyes.
I am tracing the patterns of her body in my mind
and my thoughts are wandering to places
that the mind of a friend should not go.
I seek a subtle distraction, as the heat intensifies this feeling,
and I sit on the edge of the pool and dip my feet in the cool clear blue.
For a single moment the shocking chill of the water
takes my mind away from the gorgeous creature at my side.
I run my hands through the water and watch as the calm surface
becomes unsettled with the rippling waves and I can feel the parallel
of the way I have become unsettled as well.
I listen intently to every word as it falls from her lips
but I am painfully conscious of the fact that I have to concentrate
on where my eyes have fallen.
My soul is so obviously on fire when I am in her presence
and I fear she can see right through me.
With the sweet innocence of an angel,
she says it is simply because I know her from the inside,
that I love her like this.
And while there is truth in these words,
what I see on the outside leaves me shaken and breathless.
The body of a beautiful woman, curving, tender, and soft
is the ultimate adventure of the senses.
A place to lose yourself endlessly, wandering inch by inch
discovering the essence and the texture of the gift at hand.
I could lose myself in you forever as you are indescribable
outside, as well, as in.


  1. With a prose-poetry like style, you tell of love, withheld desire and attraction in the most approachable and understandable way.

  2. beauty outside and in has to be good...

  3. Beautifully evocative poetry here!

  4. So tender and touching...beautiful, Andrea.