Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4 15

what makes you think that you have the right

to take life away from someone else

to take freedom, to take safety, to take a sense of home

to take away what someone else holds dear

the answer is simple really you do not have the right

so under hooded veil you do your deeds

shattering silence with chaos and disorder

taking hard won victory to its knees

I cannot wrap my head around things like this

let alone give my heart the peace it needs

shadows continue to try and take the light

in the vain attempt to leave us in the dark

whatever the cause whatever the reason

I think the point is moot

already a community together

has shown you that

outstretched hands and open doors

shoulders on which to lean

tears shed for the senseless

and useless loss

have you ever stood at the finish line of a marathon

the energy is something you cannot explain

it’s a place where limitations cease to exist

a place where you challenge everything that you are

this is a group of people who only persevere

these are people you will not be able to break

they will dig deep into themselves

and they will find a way to heal

for the ones who will not walk away today

for the fallen and the injured hear our prayers

for the cowards who ran off into the night

for you for you there simply are no words

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