Wednesday, April 17, 2013


A reworking of something very old just for fun...

There is something quiet and private that passes

in the moment when your eyes meet.

There is something silent and secret that lingers

after an unspoken word is expressed.

There is something electric that moves through you

as a gasp escapes your lips.

There is something unsaid that shakes you

as the vision becomes clear in your mind.

There is a feeling that you can’t explain

as the distance between you dissolves.

There is a beating heart and the pounding pulse

at the simple thought of a touch.

There is a heat on the surface of your skin

and you are reckless and without reason.

 An overflow of restrained emotion

 reveals itself in your shaking hands.

In a blush and the warm flow of blood to your face

 you try not to be exposed.

With confusion and anguish of the sweetest kind

 you struggle to regain composure.

The heat and the dampening of your brow

warns you may not be in control.

A momentary hesitation of fear

and you begin to succumb…


then there is a quiver…

and there is nothing that you can do.


1 comment:

  1. hmmm... you definitely drew me in. I could feel the pull—so enticing.