Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Am (made of heart)

I am made of heart

and that’s all you need to know.

I am the stuff of fables, the stuff of legend

the stuff that fills your dreams.

I am the knight who rides the white horse

the poet who whispers words.

I am the voice behind the song

the softly sings you to sleep.

I am the one who comes to you in the night

and takes away your fear.

I am the maker of magic and fill your heart

with the laughter of a child.

I am the one you call to

when your heart can’t find its way.

I am the one, who once you are found,

you send away again.

I am forever like the sands of time

and once you are in my heart.

I am the one like no one else

who will never let you go.

I am pure and I am true

and I bleed from every wound.

I am raw and I am naked

so that you can see who I am.

I am darkness sometimes as well

but I know all the shadows by name.

I am the one who will keep you safe

when they are up to their tricks again.

I am always and I am forever

and once you knew this too.

I am filled with the depth and breadth

of the size and shape of my heart.

I feed that heart with everything

that it ever hungers for.

I am bound to sustain it, for it sustains me

and it always asks for more.

I have only honor and integrity

to carry me through this life.

I will stand up for the right

to let my heart be true.

I will take you and once you are there

this will always be your home.

I will tend to the place when you are gone

though I know you will never return.


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