Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pieces That Fit

Today I awoke with a heaviness in my chest

a weight sitting firmly and solidly on my heart.

I felt an ache so deep it felt like who I am

the feeling I simply rolled over into again.

I dreamt of people I love being taken away

to places from which they most certainly would not return.

I dreamt of seeing faces that I know

walking directly past me on the street.

I didn’t see your face within those dreams

nor recognize you at all within the loss.

But I know the dreams were about you

you’re the only thing in so long that’s made me feel.

Like a DISTRACTION you’ve taken her out of my thoughts

and helped me turn those thoughts back to myself.

Like WISDOM you’ve taught me lessons like a child

and shown me how I’ve grown by leaps and bounds.

Like ADDICTION you’ve ignited a fire again in me

and taught me about boundaries on that path.

Like PASSION you have sparked my imagination

and let it light the way for you as well.

Like BRAVERY you opened doors that were closed

and stood beside me while I walked through them.

Like TRUTH you listened to everything I said

and told me when you didn’t agree with me.

Like PATIENCE you have waited for the answers

to questions that I didn’t know how to respond.

Like CAUTION you have reminded me several times

to look both ways before I cross the street.

Like GROWING we’ve had moments where things didn’t fit

but simply tried on something else instead.

Like LEARNING we’ve been uncomfortable in our skin

but found with time how to move within its frame.

Like FATE we have met where worlds collide

where coincidence is the normal state of mind.

Like PEACE there is a decided level of comfort

a place to walk around in all of these things.

Like TIME there is tomorrow

and the next day.

Like FRIENDS we live these moments

called today.

So the dreams were about fear of loss

of all the things I have attained.

But I know they are strong, and in finding them,

so am I.


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