Saturday, May 11, 2013

The regret (of temptation)

Over at dverse, Mary has us writing about temptation.
The tantalizing taste
of a lover’s lips.
The touch of skin
as soft as hand spun silk.
The push and pull
of hands and fingers clawing.
The scratches that were left
upon your skin.
The heat, the sweat,
the racing of your pulse.
The breath comes quick
the pressure fills your chest.
The want, the need, the ache
it whispers to you.
The simple thought of her
and you can’t think.
The focus, the resolve,
the straight and narrow.
The words sound strong
until you see her face.
The sight of her skin
the scent that she leaves upon you.
The sting where she left you
hanging by a thread.
The misery will sit with you
 tomorrow in the light.
The truth will be
that she’s done this to you again.
The moment she wanted
has sufficed to fill her need.
The need for you
was never a moment in time.
The temptation of her
leaves you feeling like an addict.
The helplessness at hearing her
utter the words.
The resolve you had
is cast off like the clothes lying on the floor.
The regret now settles on you
as if it were your skin.


  1. ugh...this is tough..when one loves to the point of addiction and the other just wants to fill their need and you know and just not strong enough to say no and regret in daylight..ugh..tight and emotional write andrea

  2. Yes the problem of temptations that's not mutual.. and even worse if there's a third party involved.

    Humans tempt for all kind of reasons. I like this writing a lot (and the temptation is so well written)

  3. Such a tough type of experience - so very well conveyed here - the end is especially powerful with the regret felt like skin - the regret replacing the longing. And the inherent cruelty and almost attraction to ti - not to the cruelty - but to the hope that it will be different this time - is so very human. Well done. k.

    (For some reason - blogspot wants me to be Anonymous -- this is Manicddaily at

  4. what a chilling settling on yo like a skin...i like that as you will wear it around and feel its pinch on def got right to this one....

  5. You have written this temptation so very well..a kind of addiction hard to resist, not resisted, but regret following the next day, and the cycle repeats. Some cycles are hard to break, especially when part of the cycle brings a kind of pleasure for a moment.

  6. I like the allure and heat in the first part ~ But then it quickly dissipates in the face of addiction then the regrets following such an encounter ~ Very well portrayed here ~

  7. Oh, you quite caught me up in all this and didn't let me go until the end - just like the experience the poem describes.

  8. its tough when the scales don't balance and temptations such could be dangerous!