Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Unrelenting Grace

A gift for a friend...
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Today, something in you may hurt
something may burn, something may ache.
You might remember, or choose to forget
but either way you are bound to feel.
Perhaps it will be nothing
a flutter, or a sound.
It might just come loud as thunder
and knock you to the floor.
Today I just want to remind you
of who and what you’ve become.
That in spite of them and in honor of you
you are beautiful and strong.
The miles you travelled on tired legs
that carried you lifetimes away.
The battles, the courage, the fear and the pain
and here you are standing tall.
You have built a world that is safe and warm
without spite or grudge toward them.
You continue to open your heart
at the risk of it breaking again.
You have honor and strength
and quite frankly I stand in awe.
That the little girl who was left alone
is the woman that you are now.
Bold and brave, a warrior
fighting to overcome.
The careless deeds that tried in vain
to drop you to your knees.
Forging ahead with a song in your heart
and a voice that sometimes shakes.
Never to falter for fear of failure
an unrelenting grace.


  1. It is as encouraging as it is soothing to read. Sounds something like a parent's or an elder's voice, showing the listener her strength with which she has held her head high against many obstacles.

    Superb piece, as always. Loved it.

  2. What a generous, beautiful message. We all need this kind of support.

  3. This is beautiful. It really touched me. It's fantastic.