Monday, May 20, 2013

Clouded Daydream

So, one more write to the music of Helios.
This was to "Halving The Compass"
my fingertips burn
as they hunger for her
my heart feels an ache
that cannot bear a name
my pulse and breath come fast
as I hear her voice again
my mind cannot resist
thoughts I should not think
something in this
something in me
something must be done
so walk away into silence
and let the moment pass
a spark, a flash, a shooting star
can’t help but light the night
and change the tone of darkness
to never be the same
but sometimes it is just not meant
to be held in the palm of your hand
to be felt from the inside out
you may never touch within
so let your heart be dazzled
but know the simple truth
that through only one eye can you really see
though that eye sees all it needs
blink that eye with regular
sweeping movements to keep it clear
don’t let the dazzling, flickering light
make you dizzy again
open them both, stop dreaming away
the reality of now
look ever so gently and listen
for all that you can see and hear


  1. the hardness in this is how hard you hold onto those dreams...and that sometimes they are not have to balance reality and dream...

  2. to me this speaks about letting go..not always easy but it surely helps to gain some freedom again...there are dreams that put us into a prison and there are dreams that give us wings...