Monday, May 20, 2013


I feel silence settling upon me

the pressure of it pressing down.

It feels more like a command

than a choice that I have made.

I feel like I am being told to listen

that this is now the time to hear.

I feel like speaking will shatter

the clarity with which I seem to understand.

The steps are lining up

before me in a row.

There seem to be more of them

adding up.

Challenges, hurdles,

walls that I must climb.

Lessons to learn and

stories I need to hear.

Listen, silent

funny those two words.

Made up of all the same letters

just rearranged.

In the spirit and the context

of shifting the way I see.

I am going to be quieter

and see what comes.

Turn the focus inward

find that strength again.

Build from the core

and let the roots take hold.

Things have become unstable

and balance begun to shift.

The roots once solid

are failing to support the weight.

So listen, I will listen

and eyes will open wide.

Ears that hear

will focus their attention in.

My need to surrender

to someone, everything.

Is a worrisome place

to be standing at this time.

The ache to wrapped

in the folds of safe and tender arms.

Is stronger than my desire

to save myself.

In defiance of that

and in reverence to me.

I will manifest myself

before my eyes.

Feel the strength

as it grows from within.

See the change in the shape

and form of things.


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