Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Just a little memory...
Travelling back to that place in time
back to where we stood in the distance.
In the memory of the places,
 the things that separate here and now.
I can recall that day when you said what if?
what if you don’t want me.
What if who you see before you
is not who you thought I was.
I told you then that I loved you
at the depth of who you were.
Who you showed me, who you gave me
and in those first 4 seconds you knew.
You knew that I would take you
into the deepest parts of me.
That all you ever had to do
was take me back into you.
With a fevered passion and breathless kiss
I could not ever get you close enough.
There was always something that caused you
to cover your naked skin.
I ached for you on so many nights
lying next to you in our bed.
Wishing that I could will you to touch
so that you could feel me again.
I remember the day I gave you my heart
and you wore it in on a chain.
You held it so often and tugged on that chain
until the surface became old and dull.
I gave you another shiny and new
I had and endless supply to give.
But now it sits in a box on a shelf
never to be seen again.
I ache for you now and think of you still
in the deepest dark of night.
I often awake at the memory
of your hands upon my skin.
Desire is fleeting and want is waste
when the passion has died and gone.
The fire still burns in the depths of me
the heat still keeps me warm.


  1. glad you were at the beach - love the hope in your last lines

  2. the longing in this is palpable...when we give away those piece i dont know that we ever really get them back...and we feel those holes where they once were...strong emotions in this one ma'am