Monday, May 27, 2013

getting outside of myself

the pain in my heart is searing

it’s dropped me to my knees.

I never thought I’d ever hear

good-bye fall from your lips.

the silence here is deafening

over taking this room.

I am walking around talking to myself

just to hear a sound.

after hours and hours alone

tearing myself to shreds.

I called my brother and asked him to listen

I just needed to say the words.

I needed to hear that I wasn’t the monster

I have made myself out to be.

I needed to hear it from him

he truly knows who I am.

he said, I don’t believe in right and wrong anymore

I just believe in timing.

and this just wasn’t the time

for you to be where you were.

take it for what is was, he said,

look how it made you feel!

tell that story with happiness

that it ever existed at all.

maybe the reason was not what you thought

maybe she was just a gift.

to teach you how to feel again

after all that you’ve been through.

don’t let this derail you

keep the story close to your heart.

see it for what it gave you

not what it took away.

this was not the time is all

this was not the place.

to lay your heart down openly

at someone else’s feet.

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