Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hallowed Ground

Will I awake today

to find you gone

Crept away under

cover of the night

Will I hear a distant echo

of your footsteps on the floor

The sound getting softer

as you get farther away

We shared a moment

similar to ones shared before

With breaking and healing

coming from just being heard

But twice before we’ve come to this place

and you have run from me

The reasons yours

yet the fault always feeling like mine

You showed me yours and

I showed you mine and we saw

Through walls and doors

we found a way to let in the light

But you’ve closed the window

and locked the doors before

Leaving me standing outside

naked and exposed

To me it looked like fear

and felt like regret

That somehow lines were crossed

or mistakes had been made

It threatened the sanctity

of this hallowed ground

Where nothing but honor and trust

are ever laid down

I dance like a child in this place

I sing like my voice never breaks

I’ve heard your voice rise

and seen you move as well

Like no one was watching

and you would never falter

Like no one could hear you

and misunderstand your words

But again I saw you turn

your head from side to side

Shaking slowly with the whisper

of ‘no more’ in the air

I will continue to live in this place

and forever walk these halls

And when I see you there

I will always invite you in

You can stay as long as you wish

as long as you feel the need

You can come, you can go

and I will ask you only one thing

This is a place reverence

a place of high of regard

Do not sully it

with things like fear and regret.




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