Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A story that must be told

I’m sitting on this wooden porch

fingers tapping on keys.

Leaving all of the parts of my naked soul

as evidence on this page.

The wind is lazily finding its way

through the leaves upon the trees.

Rocking them slowly back and forth

as it they were part of my dreams.

It is quiet, mostly, but the seabirds sing

and the squirrels are out on their hunt.

I am perched on this deck, in this chair

letting the words simply come.

I am trying to write you away, you see

trying to let the stories tell themselves.

Let the words weave the tale as it happened

without having a point of view.

But I can’t seem to speak without a voice

or in a voice that is not my own.

I only know what happened to me

and that is where my story begins.

I may write the chapters out of order

because it ended before it began.

What started out as the tale of a lifetime

will forever be just a few pages long.

Contained in those pages are all of the elements

to hold the reader rapt.

But I am still wrapped in the throes of the tale

and cannot tell it quite clearly yet.

So in pictures and flashes and moments

I will unveil the lessons I’ve learned.

I will release the heartbreak and fill the pages

of a story that must be told.


  1. Oh, I felt this, Andrea. How many times have we tried to be innocent bystanders in our own lives? It never works, of course, because we have so much invested, but it's an exercise I think we have all practiced from time to time.

  2. Cool, Andrea. Being in the middle of the story can make it tought to tell it, right? A little distance, a little time can give us perspective to know how to process everything. Looking forward as you write more on this.

  3. i think we all have stories that need to be told...sometimes we dont even understand our own story til later...but there is much to learn in them...and as each shares theirs we find a bit more of it too....

  4. i think we always weave ourselves and our own story into what we write.. even if it's fragemental or abstract..there def. are stories that need to be told and it's a good way to do it