Monday, May 6, 2013

Things We Said

She said, “I am bleeding”

but on her I could not find the wound.

She said, “why are you screaming?”

I said, “because you still cannot hear me”.

She said, “I’m leaving”

I said, “you left me long ago”.

She said, “I was here”

in action, but not in thought.

I watched her as the shadow moved

to lay on the ground before her.

Until now it had always been behind her

as she walked towards me.

With determined steps

her image began to fade.

And her memory was now

the thing that enveloped me.

I said, “goodbye” in a whisper

that fell upon deaf ears.

I listened, but even the echo

no longer spoke to me.

I said, “come back” but it faded

into the darkness.

You said,”

nothing ever again.



  1. Eerie. Talking to a ghost of a past presence and finally, letting go. As always, brilliantly penned. I adore your style. It is simple and always engages the attention of the reader. Keep it up.

  2. It's like hitting the rewind button...and looking at a relationship with that hindsight vision that sees things so clearly. Rarely, though, do we possess that vision while we're in a relationship...