Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Road Map

In your mind’s eye

there will be things that you cannot see.

In the echo of your ear

things that you cannot hear.

There will be moments that will

quietly take you away from this place.

Like floating on a cloud

for at least that moment in time.

There will be daydreams and

dreams that keep you awake at night.

Things you’d never say

when the sun has come up for the day.

But all of these things

make up who you really are.

Don’t forget to let them

speak in their own voice.

You are who you are

and that is your only truth.

You love recklessly and without

the slightest of hesitation,

You don’t know how to do this

any other way.

And that is why

you always end up here.

You have tried shutting the doors

and keeping the shades tightly drawn.

But those damn sparkles

keep finding their way in!

Dazzling you and leading you

down paths and twisting roads.

Then leaving you lost and dazed

by the side of the road.

So grab that map

that you keep in your back pocket.

It’s time once again

to find your way back home.

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