Monday, May 13, 2013

Fractured Restraint

fractured, splintered

pieces scattered

floor cluttered

in the debris of me

jagged edges

sharp, rough

cutting, tearing

everything that I touch

raw expanse

nerves exposed

bleeding from every pore

electric shock

kinetic shift

volatility making the room spin

tear drips

eyes bleed

vision distorting perception

snap, crack

ears erupt

falling into gravity’s embrace

gasp inward

swallow whole

consume before you are consumed

spew forth

stringed words

expel unnecessary train of thought

stare hard

look deep

scrutinize that which is in your sight

scream loud

pierce silence

exaggerate emotion into words

bleed raw

cut exposed

lay bare the shadows in your soul

wait silent

become restraint

reaction reverses forward motion


  1. Give it time. Breathe in and out. Look again. Brilliance and beauty, capability and talent shine through the debris. Look! You will see.

  2. Such a challenge to learn how to become restraint. Thank you for sharing your strength in your poems!