Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Perhaps I've Been Dreaming

This morning I awoke

with eyes that could not see.

Swollen tight

from the tears that escaped last night.

Pillow drenched

head full of clouds.

Ears buzzing

as I recount the words we said.

I am naked in this morning light

nothing to stand behind.

And the cool morning air

almost burns my skin.

There is something in the truth

that leaves you breathless.

And for the last several hours

I’ve been unable to catch mine.

Pulse racing, sweat glistening

 just breathe this in and out.

Hands shaking, lips cracked

 a quiet sense of numb.

Everything feels as if it’s changed

the sounds, the smells, the look of this room.

I cannot tell if I am even sitting here

I feel like I am watching myself from above.

Today there is no grace

for the tired and weary.

For the raw, the bleeding

the shaken, or the changed.

There is no crawling back

under the covers to hide.

To awaken again

to find this was all a dream.




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