Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sensory Protection ~ A Trilogy

The prompt for this was to write about protection. "You protecting someone, them protecting you, you protecting yourself".  


I see the blood stains

spreading slowly across your chest.

I see the scars forming

from the words as they leave your lips.

I see the red rims

that are wrapped around your eyes.

I see the single tear

as it sneaks away.

I see the earth crack

as your footsteps leave a trace.

I see cuts as they form

on the soles of your feet.

I see you falter slightly

as you try to change your pace.

I see you bear down

and forge ahead.

I see you sweat and struggle

as you fight the brave fight.

I see you ache with pain

at what lies ahead.

I see you broken

I see you blistered

I see you breaking down

I see you fall to your knees in surrender.

I see you looking at me

looking at you.

I see you smile when you see

that I see.




You heard the sound

no louder than a whisper.

You heard the cry

that never left my lips.

You heard the words

I only said in silence.

You heard them

and you knew just what they meant.

You heard me telling lies

to cover the truth.

You heard beyond

the words and what they said.

You heard the voice of a little girl

inside of a woman.

You heard her telling stories,

fables and fairy tales.

You heard her crying deep

into the night.

You heard her say

there were monsters beneath her bed.

You heard her scream

that she could not lock the door.

You heard her say

nothing kept her safe.

She heard you when you told

her story to her.

She heard you when

you recited it word for word.






Feel your own pain

with an open hand.

Feel the bumps, feel the bruises

without a glove.

Feel the lines that

grow deep into your brow.

Feel the depth and the texture

and know what left them there.

Feel your own tears

with the tips of your fingers.

Feel the trail they leave

as they roll down your cheeks.

Feel them fall

from the surface of your skin.

Feel lighter as they

land upon the ground.

Feel your hands as they

caress and touch your self.

Feel as if you were

touching someone else.

Feel the way your hands

carry a warmth and tenderness.

Feel soothed and safe

at the touch of your own hand.

Feel your inhibitions and fears

and love them.

Feel them the way

you feel for someone else.

Feel the acceptance and love

you shower over others

Feel it when you

feel it towards your self.  



  1. nice...of the three, i think i like the hearing one the know that someone listened that close...well that has to be a pretty amazing feeling...smiles.

  2. see-- hear-- feel-- really like how they are entangled with each other and that each of them is important to make us able to have empathy with others as well...and also to love ourselves