Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hearing The Sounds Of You

I awoke with a start thinking
I heard you calling.
Over and over
repeatedly through the night.
I heard you crying
but couldn't see your tear stained cheeks.
I felt your pain
but couldn't find you with my hands.
I woke up over and over
thinking I was in my own bed.
Only to find myself
in this place away from home.
With nothing to connect to
but this phone beside my head.
My senses were awake
and listening for those sounds.
The sound of you
crying out for mercy.
The sound of you
wishing to be heard.
The sound of your heart breaking
deep into the night.
The sound of frustration
of anger, of discontent.
Lying here in a hotel room
with ears plugged against the noise.
I can hear still your heart
simply begging to be heard.
I hear your quiet whisper,
your anger as it seethes.
I hear your loss
at having any idea what to do.
I hear you wishing and hoping
I hear you asking why.
I hear you offering to take all the blame
just to make it end.
Sleep now little one
know that I am here.
At least for tonight
let me help you carry this weight.
We are strong but tonight
I will be stronger for you.
Slaying dragons and monsters
dangers far and near.
I will hold you in the cradle of that space beneath my wing.
And I will sing you lullabies
until you fall asleep.

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