Thursday, May 2, 2013

A girl called Virtue

born mute

in a world where silence is golden

deaf to the

cacophonous sounds of the world

born into seeing

and never really being seen

a reaction to

what passes before her eyes.

questioned by you

should I or shouldn’t I

you asked

so you already know what the answer is

you laid

your discomfort on the floor at her feet

and asked her

to tell you if you were wrong

you called her

the moral compass

and said you looked to her

to gauge the ground on which you stand

she told you nothing

that you didn’t already know

she simply reflected

the words back onto you

she listened without feeling

without reaction

emotion is never painted

in black and white

you wanted her

to tell you what to do

but she is mute

and cannot even speak her name



  1. intriguing interaction...the mute being the moral compass...and her just reflecting back your own words...though i guess it is as much the actions of others as it is what they have to say...

  2. To be born into seeing and never really be seen.... touching.

  3. I love the way she makes you hear your own words, makes you listen to the answer that you already know but are perhaps reluctant to accept.

  4. the job of a reflection...i love the play on words and ideas and the way you present them. cool write, andrea.

  5. I've said this to someone else, but the way you use the second person just makes the poem all the more stronger. You've pointed out to me that this is another tool to create voice. And the subject is sensitively addressed. Persons with handicaps of whatever sort are our teachers so very often.

  6. Andrea, this is so very moving. So very sad not to be able to speak one's name.

  7. born into seeing and never been seen...and her reflecting the words back...really a moving and deep write andrea

  8. So much truth in this, Andrea. Much to ponder.

  9. This is beautiful, Andrea. They say that your other senses heighten when you lose one...but the inability must still rankle.