Monday, May 20, 2013

Lightning Bugs

What I found today

was a handful of unused things.

Patience and focus, a center

an eerie sense of calm.

I found thoughts that were clearer

the stuttering gone.

I found me

in a quiet resolve.

I get distracted quite easily

taken with shiny things.

Things that shimmer, things that shine

things that light up the night.

Lightning bugs, fireflies,

well I guess they are the same thing.

Magical little creatures

that make me endlessly smile.

They catch my attention, catch my gaze

and I lose all track of time.

Wondering and not understanding

what it is that makes them shine.

The desire to touch and feel them

and place them in a jar.

Where I can study them and try to find

the cause of that damn spark.

But trapped in a jar the light would go out

the shimmer would quickly fade.

And I would have a hollow shell

where beauty used to be.

So I keep my eyes forward

stealing glances instead of a stare.

Let the magic be something I learn to walk past

yet always know where to find.





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