Sunday, May 5, 2013

Excerpts 2

This is the second in a series of poems written directly from dreams that I have had. The dialogues are verbatim and the stories as clear as I remember them. Sometimes dreams are so vivid that I have to recount them just so I can really look at what they are saying to me.

Here is the link to the Soundcloud recording I did for this poem.
I awoke with a start
and started walking into walls.
Bumping, breaking,
knocking over things.
Feet unsteady, footsteps beat
a cacophony of noise onto the floor.
Sounds were bouncing
off walls I could not see.
I could see her in my mind’s eye
and I could hear the sound of her voice.
But I could not find her
in the very place she stood.
From the sound of things
she was only inches away.
Calling to me
telling me to come to her.
She was someone
I had once desired.
With a ferocity, a fever,
a heat I cannot explain.
She was dangerous and dirty
in the most delicious sense.
For a moment once
we found ourselves intertwined.
The moment passed and so did we
yet here she comes again.
Calling to me in the darkness
like the widow drawing me in.
My eyes were somehow swollen shut
I could not pry the lids apart.
My head ached with a blurry fuzz
nothing was very clear.
For a moment I thought I felt her
just beyond my fingertips.
The heat of her skin
electric to the touch.
I couldn’t tell for certain
if she was actually in my hand.
Or if, like a phantom pain,
I remembered how she felt.
I heard her voice again
come through the darkness.
Calling to me
“come to me, here I am”.
I said, “I am blinded here
my eyes will not let in the light.”
She said, “no, you’ve just been crying
I can see you where you stand.”


  1. What a vivid dream .. and really a great way to do poetry.. thank you for sharing

  2. def an intense dream....the past lovers calling out to trying to reach them...sensing them close yet unable to reach them...there is def something to the closing dialogue as well...

    hope you are having a good day ma'am...smiles.

  3. Loved listening to reading and loved the immediacy in this...the sense that things were happening quickly and sharply.

  4. Very vivid and intense. I find it amazing that you can remember your dreams so clearly.....I don't remember mine at all.

  5. Sweet, Andrea. There's a surreal-like sense to this dream poem, yet not so obscure. There's a feeling that meaning is right there, just below the surface. Answers lurking, perhaps in another dream. Great write.

  6. oh heck..surely a vivid dream...sometimes we think we've closed a chapter in our life only to find some of the waves it left are "ghosting" still through our mind somehow...the surreality eusebia mentions.. i thought this as well

  7. Very vivid and intense! sometimes they are as if in reality and we often wake up to wonder, with eyes open or shut, if it was a figment of fiction or an old memory unlocked!! Loved the momentum with which you have penned this piece, talking on its own! :)

  8. A real dream as it is very vivid and you can almost see and feel her emotions ~

    But this I will tell you about dreams - it is about you, dreams are always about the dreamer ~

  9. What a mysterious venture into your dream of past love. I found it haunting; especially when you couldn't see and the darkness pulled you in. I too have vivid dreams that even blow me away.

  10. Very intense, I really love the ending, very powerful.

  11. Vivid and intense, great ending.