Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In Appreciation

When I started this blog, I hadn’t written more than a few lines in over 3 years. I was going through something really hard in my life and the words were coming fast and furious. I came across The Dverse Poets Pub at that time and in order to participate, you had to have a blog to link your submissions. So, you guessed it, Lines On A Page was born.


My intention was to write what was happening, as it happened, almost as a journal. I wanted to one day be able to look back at it and see the journey I took and how I grew.


Through dverse and now recently Poets United, I have found a community that reads my words and gives me some of the most amazing feedback. I have found such inspiration from all of the poets I encounter and can’t wait each week to see what has landed on their pages as much as I can’t wait to share what’s on mine. I have connected with people and formed friendships that have changed me.


Yesterday I posted a piece on addiction and how it feels in the moment, its urgency, its overpowering hold. I needed to put it out there… one of those days. The responses to that poem have been overwhelming. Whatever or whoever (wink/smile) brought your eyes here yesterday matters not. What matters is what you all left me with. I wanted to simply say how much I appreciate that support and that I will print those comments and keep them on my wall for days when things get cloudy.


So roughly a year and a half later, I have written over 300 poems on this blog, I have found a voice that I am proud of, even when it shakes and I have met a really good friend who teaches me to trust. I also have this community of poets who treat my words, thoughts and emotions with genuine care and concern.


Thank you poets. 


  1. glad you found that voice...
    and you know...that is why we create it...
    cause we are all here for each other..


  2. Cool. Glad you're part of this caring community.
    Lots of creativity and compassion here, too.

  3. ....do not stop writing Andrea... you just don't know how many you inspire in the world.... life may seem cloudy & dark at times and it's ok... what matters most is that we never stop waiting and believing sooner or later the sky will brighten up again to shower light unto our li'l existence.... smiles...

  4. The world is filled with support and encouragement, isn't it? Your work and words matter. Keep 'em flowing!