Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Want

I want to taste the deepest

quietest parts of you.

I want you to let yourself flow

over me like rain.

I want to savor the texture of

what I discover within.

I want to feel your breath on my ear

as you say my name.

I want to trace lines upon your skin

with the tips of my fingers.

I want you to feel through my touch

the way that I feel about you.

I want to touch your lips with mine

while you are speaking.

I want to inhale your words

and take them into me.

I want to breathe your breath

and breathe mine back into you.

I want to be so close

that I actually hear your heart beat.

I want wrap you in the cradle of my arms

and hold you while you give yourself to me.

I want to listen to your voice enraptured

delighted by the sounds that you release.

I want to take you deep inside of me

and see your eyes light up as you recognize me.



  1. dang...sensual enough to evoke a shiver...especially that opening the close on recognizing me as well...

  2. Beautiful, Andrea... and sensuous, yes.

  3. Wow. You made me remember the distant past! Beautifully done. Imbued with mood.

  4. Now that is a wonderful kind of freedom indeed!

  5. This is stunning and so very romantic! If my husband wasn't at work I would give him a big hug right now =)

  6. ...palpable all throughout... smiles...

  7. Every line is beautiful - soulful, romantic and sensual.
    Dropping by from Verse First

  8. This is so sensual and so damn sexy, Andrea! All beautiful wants...