Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Absence of Her

In the place where I once heard her voice

there is only silence.

Where her laughter once lit my day

it is decidedly dark.

In the places where we shared our words

the pages are still just blank.

The echoes still linger

of all that fell from her lips.

Was it too much, too intense,

too real for us to be?

We got caught up in the rhythm

and were blessed to feel.

There was something there between us

that I still cannot explain.

This will be a story I’ll recall

and retell with a gentle smile.

I feel her absence deeply

a hole within my chest.

I’m shaken at the pain

at the loss of her.

I’m drifting through the memories

like pages in a book.

There was so much we shared

so much that I will forever hold.

I’ll hold her in my heart

thankful for the gift.

Knowing full well

what I lost at the sound of good~bye.

1 comment:

  1. Deeply moving piece, your last line is so tender, love it!