Monday, May 20, 2013


Challenging myself to write differently, this was written while listening to
"Bless This Morning Year" by Helios.
Beautiful music.
and within this I am growing
changing size and shape
I am floating I am weightless
and I am filled with a gentle joy
I can feel clouds, feel the breeze
cool and calm as it kisses my skin
I am awed by the beauty by the wonder
and I let it flow over me
awed by the fascination I feel
awed as I simply breathe
there is nothing lost in this quiet
nor in this moment in time
when in a pause I turn and see you there
awaiting my return
I am urged forever forward
with a pull that has no name
there is something calling out to me
a familiar soothing voice
mesmerizing, taking me
back from where I came
back to something forgotten
to something left behind
to reclaim the missing pieces
and once again be whole
in the soft caress of this silver sound
of a building gentle pulse
my heart takes hold of itself again
and breathes me back to life

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