Saturday, June 1, 2013

Excerpts 3

Excerpts is a series of poems I am writing verbatim from dreams. They are significant to me for many reasons. If I can remember them and write them word for word, I think there is a reason for that so I am leaving them here in Excerpts.

At 4 am there was a knock

and you were standing at the door.

He wouldn’t let you wake me

until I woke up on my own.

He asked you simply

“why are you here?”

You said, “I was wrong

and I’ve come to take her home.”

He said, “Sleep on it,

make sure you are sure.”

And he told you to return

in the light of the day.

Suddenly I awoke and said your name

he heard me and came walking down the hall.

He looked at me

at the question on my face.

You were standing behind him

and came into the room.

I stood up and you walked into my arms

you laid your head softly against my chest.

Your arms wrapped around me

you drew me into you.

You kissed me with every word

you had never said.

The conversation became

lips and breath and heat.

Eyes drinking in

the whole of each other’s soul.

Touch that healed every broken piece

caress that soothed every ounce of pain.

As two souls became intertwined

and two heartbeats skipped until they became one.

I looked at you in question

but never spoke.

You simply smiled and said,

“I’m sorry, I was wrong.”


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  1. what an interesting dream...layered...the male asking you to take your time with the decision, the female...the reunion and their telling you they were wrong...def one to wonder at the meaning of...