Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Unbroken Lines

I’m wondering if that balance even exists

between raw, voracious passion

and living life in straight lines.

I walk them, those lines

day in and day out

from morning until the night.

When the sun begins to fade into the sea

and the clouds begin their dance

with that loving moon.

My time has come to step onto this page

to rip the cover back and bleed

my colors until they run dry.

It is here that I can dream of you and I

with naked skin and souls

lying face to face unfettered.

It is here where I can sing and you can dance

to a song that now lives hidden

within the depths of our hearts.

Here we could see the magic

we could be the motion and the act

of this thing that I know we believe.

In that place the heart would simply beat

the pulse would resonate

and a slow burning would commence.

That drive, that steady hum

would rock us to sleep

in each other’s arms.

But the lines are drawn

and we each stand firmly

on opposite sides.

The lights are bright

and the confusion has become

more than decidedly clear.

That broken lines do not exist

and dreamers will not dream

in the deafening lingering silence.

Questions will go unanswered

and voices will become mute

as passion resumes its steady straight lines.



1 comment:

  1. Oh, those's magic when they converge, fun when they intersect and annoying as hell when they parallel and never quite meet.