Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I thought I saw you today on the street

passing by, you were hurriedly on your way.

Stopping not for a moment, or second in time

I got the feeling that you were trying to avoid.

Avoid me, avoid this, at all costs

as if you never shared a word at all with me.

The feelings it invoked in me, self-hatred and self-doubt

are things I never thought I’d feel in relation to you.

I think so much between us was simply misunderstood

the written word can have that kind of effect.

Feelings got mixed up in all of that confusion

and neither one of us was thinking very clear.

I walked away from you to do the right thing

so that anything you decided would be on your own.

It seems that your decisions have come to you at last

and you have found your way back to your home.

Of course I hoped that I could have been in that picture

but I’m not, and I never really expected to be.

If you remember back to the very beginning

you thought I was someone else anyway.

I’m sad and I miss you and it’s nothing more than that

my heart is trying to let go the idea of you.

I’m writing out all of the feelings I have

trying to remember what I felt like before I met you.

I see your words and I hope that happiness you found

is truly what you wanted it to be.

I also see that you have no idea who I really am

and that knowing me was not the same for you.

It makes me even sadder to think that you might regret

or worse, that you don’t understand at all.

That it’s simple really what happened,

that I heard the voice you used.

I wonder if you have any idea

of the words you spoke.

Either way, it matters not ,we are on our separate paths

finding again what we both seem to have lost.

I hope if it ever is really you that I pass on the street

that you won’t appear to be running away from me.

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  1. Oh, but this hurt, Andrea. If it was them and they were running away...well, what a foolish way to be.