Saturday, June 22, 2013



all that you are

at the core

of your being

is there anything

that you believe

 enough to die for


that you would surrender

with open arms

have you fought

with tooth and nail

and scratched at every surface

have you given over

not given in

the armor simply laid down

have your found yourself

on bended knee begging

answers fleeting

just beyond your grasp

does the fight feel

like banging your head

against a wall

the ache in your mind

seeping into your soul

have you found yourself

just following

the easiest flattest road

in exhaustion

the battles

impossible heights to climb


this is the moment

when faith

in a whisper

will touch your ear

when lying down

prostrate and humbled

the answers will simply come

listen and see

with heart and soul

not with narrowed mind

what comes will be

what you asked for

 though it may not be

what you want

1 comment:

  1. The last lines really sum up how life is...and what a struggle it is, at times, to just let go and let things be as they have to be...and, as you say, not what we want them to be. Faith is hard.