Monday, June 3, 2013

The Sucker, The Sap, The Fool

I will not apologize for feeling you

the you that you showed me you were.

I will not beg forgiveness for speaking

the words that were in my heart.

I know that you cannot believe

that I feel the way I do.

I know that is probably the greatest

difference between you and I.

I believe, that’s what I do

and I do it to a fault.

I am taken in by tender words

and attentions paid to me.

I’m a sucker, a sap, I play the fool

I do it over and over again.

I always exclaim at the end of it all

that this will be ‘the last time’!

I can’t stop myself though when the feelings come

I can’t quiet them or make them behave.

I am shaken and taken and ripped open wide

at the thought of being seen.

I was taken by you and led

down the roads that you wanted me to see.

I took it all in and you took me

but I got too close for you.

I pushed against the boundaries

you gave me every reason to think that I could.

I listened when you told me

we should be honest about the truth.

I was wrong to trust and wrong to let

myself feel everything I did.

I am sitting here now just thinking

that I miss so many things.

I know it was mere moments in time

and that you probably don’t understand it still.

I hope that the passion and the depth that we shared

is something we both find again.



  1. felt hurts
    & we are left to pick up the pieces in the after
    and when it leaves we are left cold

    and that passion will one day return
    we hope at least.

  2. Oh, Andrea. This was so heartfelt and beautiful. Who hasn't been hurt like this. And why do those who do this to us seem to be the ones we can't forget?